Adam Ryan, Proposition Manager, outlines how Accidental Damage Cover can protect the home in these uncertain times.

With COVID-19 forcing many of us out of our usual working environments into setting up offices in the comfort of our own homes, WFH (Working-From-Home) brings about many changes - and surprises - to our typical 9-5 routines.

At Paymentshield, we understand that accidents happen. With current lockdown measures in place and with us all being confined to our homes, unfortunately, accidents are more likely to occur (especially for those with children frolicking about, potentially knocking over expensive items during your 9 AM conference call!).

Now more than ever, it’s important to take precautions in order to protect not only your personal belongings, but also home-working essentials - whether it be laptops, phones, or even your desk/dining table!

What is accidental damage?

Accidental Damage is defined as ‘Visible damage that happens suddenly and has not been caused on purpose or inevitably’. Some examples of accidental damage include but are not limited to:

  • Breaking a Window
  • Knocking over expensive items e.g. Television
  • Spillages causing stains or damage e.g. red wine or paint onto your carpet or spilling beverages onto electronics
  • Accidentally putting your foot through the ceiling when up in the loft etc.

What’s included in a standard Home Insurance policy?

Standard home insurance policies typically cover damage caused to buildings or contents from events such as theft, escape of water, and natural disasters like fires, floods, and storms.

To protect you and your family’s belongings during this uncertain time where, let’s face it - accidents are bound to happen - our Home Insurance policies allow you to add on optional extras of your choosing, such as Accidental Damage Cover.

Accidental Damage - Buildings

Accidental Damage can be added to your new or existing Buildings Insurance Policy.

This type of add-on provides cover for visible damage to the property that has happened suddenly and has not been caused on purpose or inevitably.

In the event of a claim, the buildings excess displayed on the policy certificate will apply.

Since many of us are currently spending most of our free time indoors catching up on recreational hobbies or returning to abandoned home projects, this can also increase the risk of potential accidents happening to our homes. For example, DIY projects or re-decorating around the house.

Accidents can occur to the home just from putting a picture up on the wall and accidentally nailing through a pipe. Or, on the other hand, by moving clutter up into the loft -and putting a foot through the ceiling!

Accidental Damage - Contents

Accidental Damage can also be added to the Contents Insurance Policy to cover a range of events that may occur now that we're spending the majority of time at home.

Chances are, laptops, phones or tablets is a crucial tool for continuing working and communicating with colleagues. If these gadgets or appliances aren’t functioning correctly due to an accident - say, spilling a hot coffee all over the desk and inadvertently onto the keyboard - this could pose a real problem in being able to continue to work as normal! Again the event of a claim, the contents excess displayed on the policy certificate would apply.

Accidental Damage and Contents only cover items that the policyholder is legally responsible for. For example, if working from home but using a company laptop, this wouldn’t be covered as equipment owned by an employer is not typically covered by a standard Home Insurance policy.

If computer equipment isn’t covered as standard in a Home Insurance policy, you may need to add the optional level of cover. On the contrary, unintentional damage could occur to other belongings simply from having the kids at home all day. Maybe during playtime, the TV gets knocked onto the floor, or playing games outdoors leads to a football being kicked through the window.

Having Accidental Damage cover benefits in case the unexpected does occur - especially during these challenging and uncertain times!

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