What do I dream about?

It’s fun to dream big. We all do it; new car, bigger house, promotion, that holiday far away you’ve always dreamt of doing. But these are ‘nice to haves’, things that we think will make us look better in the eyes of others or make us ‘happier’ on top of the things we need to ‘survive’. There’s not much point in dreaming big unless our more basic needs are being met.

Knowing that on an average day I can go back to a warm home, spend quality time with my husband, cheeky 5 year old and even cheekier pets, make a good meal for all of us to enjoy, then retire to bed, is crucial for me to keep my life low stress and high on contentment. As soon as something goes wrong with the house or I need to do some emergency food shopping because I’ve realised we’ve run out of my daughters chicken nuggets, life becomes a lot more stressful!


What do I really need?

The very core of a person’s needs are simple yet essential: food, water, warmth. It’s easy to take these things for granted when we’re so used to having them in our lives. Next comes the need for safety and security, a roof over our heads and the absence of harm. Only once our basic needs have been fulfilled can a person’s needs start to evolve further.  

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which was part of the fundamentals of my marketing training, explains this clearly and concisely as a five-tier triangle of human needs stemming from psychological motivational theory. It starts with a base layer of survival, three layers of graduating upgrades, topped by self-actualisation.

  1. Physiological
  2. Safety
  3. Love and belonging
  4. Esteem
  5. Self-actualisation

The top of the triangle is the ultimate goal. The dream, so to speak. To be in a position where all our other needs are taken care of so our lives can be focused on the desire for fulfillment and attaining it. Where our creative ideas can fly, and our biggest aspirations in life can take centre stage. Of course, in order to reach the self-actualised tier, the layers below need to be carefully looked after. They need to be protected.


Meeting those needs

Buying a new home can fulfil a number of these needs for your clients:

  • Physiological needs:A home provides shelter and a place to rest.
  • Safety needs: Inside your home you feel safe and secure.
  • Belongingness and love needs: It’s a place for you to be with family and friends.
  • Esteem needs: Owning your home is seen as an achievement and people generally want to live in the ‘nicest’ home possible.
  • Self-actualization needs: You can explore your creativity while decorating or even add a workshop or studio.  


Safety first 

However, in order to maintain the belonging and esteem their new home provides, your clients also need to ensure it continues to meet their physiological and safety needs. If the boiler breaks or even worse someone breaks in leaving broken windows or doors, then the chances are they’ll be back to the bottom of the triangle trying to address their basic needs again.

Insurance of course, is designed to keep safe the thing that keeps your clients safe – their home. It does this by ensuring that should something happen to threaten the safety that their home provides, such as damage to the structure, they’re able to quickly do what needs to be done to repair it and make sure it provides a safe haven once again.

The right insurance can help put your clients’ minds at ease, to help them ultimately achieve their dreams of self-actualisation, and by helping them take care of one of their basic needs, you give them more time to focus on the more fun aspects of life. That’s the power of your advice.

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