I’ve always worked on the basis that if I do the best for every customer, my reputation, income and career will prosper, and over the last 26 years this has proved to be the case. I’ve also learnt that my best can be measured by a customer’s reaction, which can be something as simple as a smile.


What do I mean by doing the best for every customer? Well, it’s about making sure that they receive the best advice and recommendations on what they are doing and giving them the knowledge to make an informed decision to proceed with confidence.


Now they say that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but you shouldn’t be scared of giving your customer the information they need.


Some advisers feel that if they give the customer too much information the customer will go direct to the product provider and cut them out of the process, and subsequent income. If this is you, you need to ask yourself about the relationships you are creating with your customers.  Do you see them as a one-off hit, or as someone you want to work with for the rest of your career?


If you create the right relationship with them, where they see you as being a part of the process due to the knowledge you have, they will use you because of the value and that knowledge you add, and the great advice you give.


Don’t presume that your customer knows what a critical illness or buildings and contents insurance is, or what it does, take the time to explain it to them. If they don’t take it from you, this is because they either don’t feel comfortable with you, they don’t have a need for the product, or they don’t understand what it is you want them to take.


Firstly, if they don’t have a need for it you shouldn’t be trying to sell it to them, and secondly, if they don’t feel comfortable with you, it’s unlikely you’ll be arranging their mortgage, let alone anything else.


If you don’t get this relationship right with them, you risk them buying a product from somewhere, or someone else, who may not give them the right advice or the right product from the right provider.  


I want customers, after an awful event has occurred in their home, such as a water leak that caused significant damage, to sit in front of their adviser with a smile on their face, because the adviser provided a quality product that did what they needed it to do, when they needed it most.


Those are the customers who will use you forever, and more importantly, will help your business grow through the stories they tell their friends about what a nightmare the situation was, but how great the outcome was because of you and the product you recommended to them.


You can tell everyone how great you are, but nothing will grow your business as well as someone else saying how good you are.


I’ve also learnt that my best can be measured by a something as simple as a smile.


If when my day is done, I can recall flashes of teeth, upturned lips, and dimpled checks. I know I’ve done my best.


As I believe that a smiles impact is exponentially more than their cost, and if we are brave enough to give them, they can change the lives of those who receive them in ways we cannot even imagine.


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