We’re pleased to announce the launch of ‘GI Academy’ to help advisers expand their General Insurance (GI) knowledge with a variety of expertly crafted resources.

Over the summer, it was highlighted that 60% of advisers admitted to regularly overlooking opportunities to sell GI but 99% of them agreeing that it was best practice to do so, leading to a “guilty gap”.

Last year, we identified a loss of around £47.8m in commission from missed home insurance sales in 2019. Reasons for missing these were revealed in Paymentshield’s annual survey with 13.6% putting this down to a lack of product knowledge and confidence.

This is the first time that we’ve brought all of our training resources and put them in one place, aimed at General Insurance specialists who are either currently selling GI or for those looking to diversify their offering to clients.

To help you be fearless when it comes to discussing general insurance with your clients, we've created the Paymentshield GI Academy to enrich your GI knowledge with expertly crafted learning resources. 

Training modules

The GI Academy will launch loaded with our first two modules, which will provide an introduction to Paymentshield and general insurance along with a detailed look at our Home Insurance. New modules are set to be added over the coming weeks and months. 
CPD support

The first two modules consist of 6 chapters which will provide around three hours of learning towards advisers' annual 15-hour CPD requirement.

Additional resources

The GI Academy will also include a section to test your knowledge and help you identify any gaps in your Paymentshield product knowledge. Plus, there's a supporting library with resources such as e-books & whitepapers and finally an events area all designed to help support your GI business.

At Paymentshield, we’re aiming to elevate training and standards industry-wide so we’ve made the Academy freely available to all advisers regardless of whether they’re classified as a Paymentshield agency or not.


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