With the bad weather continuing to batter the UK, it’s always a good idea to encourage clients to save their insurer's claims number and their policy reference to their phone because you never know when you might need it.

Clients can find this information as part of their welcome pack or on the claims section of our policyholder website.

Any clients who've experienced damage to their home through the high winds or flooding should gather their immediate belongings where possible, such as their phone and charger, medication, identification, important documentation and clothes, and ensure they are safe and dry.

If it’s safe for them to take pictures of the damage to their home that can be a good idea and then they should get in touch with their insurer as soon as possible.

Their insurer will want to know your client’s name, address and contact information and confirm their policy number. They’ll also ask for information about when the damage took place, and a description of the damage to the buildings of their home or any belongings which have been lost or damaged.

If there’s been damage to any of the contents in your client’s home, they should not be thrown away before speaking to their insurer’s claims team as they may want to assess the damage. It's also a good idea to take photos of damaged items if possible.

Before calling their insurer your clients should try to have as much info to hand as possible such as the make, model, serial number, colour of any lost or damaged items. For items that have been lost, locating any old photographs of the items and/or proof of ownership such as a receipt or email confirmation of purchase is really helpful.

Once your client has registered their claim with your insurer, if their home is uninhabitable as a result of the damage, they can also make sure your client and their family (pets included) have suitable alternative accommodation.

If your clients are a Paymentshield policyholder with Home Emergency cover they can call the Home Emergency helpline on 0800 300 684, 24 hours a day for a range of emergency events such as loss of electric or central heating.

Don't forget, we recently launched two new guides to give to your clients on how to protect their home during adverse weather. Download your copies now to help your clients remain vigilant in adverse weather.

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